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     Meet Our Team
     ZootriLogics, Inc., the parent company of Resilience for Birds, is based in St. Louis, Missouri and Townshend, Vermont.

Dr. Douglas Pernikoff Douglas Pernikoff, DVM, MBA

     Dr. Doug is responsible for overall Business Strategy, Business Development and Operating Officer. Dr. Doug has over 36 years experience as a clinical veterinarian and business owner/manager. He has trained and served in small animal medicine; exotic/zoo and global conservation veterinarian on behalf of both domestic and non-domestic/zoo and endangered species worldwide. Dr. Doug has developed multiple small business ventures in and out of the animal field.

Ellen Dierenfeld Ellen Dierenfeld, Ph.D.
Vice President, Secretary, CTO (Chief Treasury Officer) and Director of Science and Nutrition

     Ellen is responsible for Product Development, Quality Assessment/Quality Control, and scientific content. She brings over 30 years' experience in animal nutrition, working with a wide variety of species on six continents, and has published over 150 peer-reviewed scientific papers, book chapters, and a textbook. Previously, she collaborated in the finalization of various Farmers' Helper products, and has assisted in development of multiple products used in pet and zoo animal diets, manufactured by several leading companies.

Kermit Blackwood Kermit Blackwood
Vice President, CMO (Corporate Marketing Officer) and Creative Director
     Kermit is responsible for Product Development, Communications and Marketing; building on his many years' experience with different avian species, health management needs, and previous success with poultry dietary supplements.

Karen Watts Karen Watts
Information Technology Manager and Graphic Designer
     Karen designed both of our websites, and our Facebook page, and is responsible for their ongoing management, social media and graphic updates. She is a lifelong lover of animals, artist, and cofounder of the family of websites.

     For nutritional information about Resilience and its Ingredients, see here!

     For other info, please see our FAQ.

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