Resilience for Birds


Resilience for Birds

     From Jan, Minnesota, USA:
     One of my silkie hens had been down on eggs for two hatches and wouldn't quit. I took the eggs in to incubate and removed her from her duties. She could not stand or walk because she had straddled over eggs for so long. I gave her a pea sized dab of Resilience. Now 24 hours later she is erect, walking, running and back in the flock. Resilience is my new go-to for this problem.
March, 2018

     From Dee Cochran Jaramillo, Georgia, USA:
     I raise Peafowl and my Bronze White Eye Male had a sinus/respiratory infection which caused swelling of his sinuses about the size of a large marble. I treated him for 5 days with Tylan 200 injections and it improved, but the swelling never got smaller than a pea. My Resilience finally arrived and I gave him one pea sized dose. After two days, there is no sign of any swelling or infection. He is now healthy and breeding his hens! I'm glad Resilience is finally available to us!

     I say my order "finally" arrived, but to be clear, it arrived within 3 days after I ordered two tubes. It just seemed like we waited forever for it to come to market. If my experience is any indication, it was worth the wait.
March, 2018

     From Pam Lawrence, Ohio, USA:
     This is an excellent product. Very easy to administer and I saw improvement within hours. My hen actually liked it and would go right for the little "lady bug" I balled up and put in her scrambled egg.
      March, 2018

     From Lesta Cintron, Maryland, USA:
     I am so relieved that Resilience is now available! A few years ago, Kermit helped me with my beloved JellyBean but I was giving him so many capsules and supplements, it was near impossible to keep up with. Jelly got very tired of having things popped down his throat. This would have been so much simpler!
March, 2018

     From Amy W. Grillo:
     I can't say enough about Resilience. I had some to test before the product came out. I've used it both preventatively and with sick/injured birds. So excited that it is now more widely available!
March, 2018

     From Judy Hoelscher, Arizona:
     This is truly a lifesaver for bird keepers, a product that does as promised! I look forward to this becoming available to everyone who wishes to keep their flock healthy! I know all my bird loving friends will buy this.

     From Lorraine Wright:
     My birds have benefited greatly from other foods and supplements developed by Kermit, I'm really looking forward to this one becoming available.

     From Steve Klan, professional aviculturist and quail/partridge specialst:
     I had a sample of Resilience when it was still in its testing phase. I had a Hungarian partridge that brained himself when I had him in a small carrier moving them to another grow-out pen, he was wallowing around in his self pity I presume. He couldn't walk or get up on his legs at all, most of the birds I ever saw do this never come back. As bad as this case was, the only reasoning let him live was that his horse shoe on his chest was more black than brown, I wanted to see what it would turn out like. He was a very strong robust cock bird, I separated him and put Feed and water were he could get to without a struggle, three days passed and he never snapped out of it like some do. I picked him up and he had lost 80% of his total breast, at this point I was going to end it for him. But I remembered your hen with Mareks, I figured I would give Resilience a try, to see if anything could happen.
     I gave him a mouthful and came back the next day, he was still going but still had not got on but one leg, and was very unstable. I said, "Well I'll try again," and as I was filling his mouth, I remember you always say "pack the crop full." I said, "Well, here goes," I pumped as much as I could into him, and again the next 3 days. Now I'm sure it kept him alive to regain his composure finally, but figured he was still a goner as I was going to ND in 2 more days, the 4th day I was amazed to see him up on both legs walking. I left him in solitude and returned six days later to find him as well off as anyone could imagine. He has since returned to the holding cage where next year's breeders are held. He has leg bands to mark him as a keeper and is the only one in the group banded so I can spot him right away. He only has a slight limp to him, I'll see if he survives the winter, so there is my affidavit for Resilience.

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Photo credits: Himalayan monal (top) photograph by Maggie Harmer; Incan Basket Pullet photo by Tino Benson; Turkey Poult video by Kermit Blackwood, music by Malachite
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