Resilience for Birds

Resilience for Birds

 A novel custom-designed, concentrated emulsion paste formulation

     • Premium, all natural ingredients aiding general health

     • Useful for all birds, domestic or wild, rare and exotic

     • Supports immune function to battle stress and disease

     • Demonstrable increased fertility, hatchability and increased chick survivability

     • Delivery by calibrated dose syringe for individual birds or simple mixing instructions for flock feeding

     • Eggs and or meat products can be safely ingested during use

     • Excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, known to stimulate immune function

     • High oil content can provide an extra energy boost

     • Shelf life: 12 full months, no refrigeration needed

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Disclaimer: Please note that people utilizing our Resilience for Birds understand that our product does not treat any disease specifically, but rather is a nutraceutical supplement we suggest can be used as a complement to traditional veterinary guided treatment or preventative maintenance protocols.

An Ounce of Resilience is Worth a Pound of Cure

Made in USA

Photo credits: Resilience product photo by Georg Weyand; Himalayan monal (top) photograph by Maggie Harmer; Turkey Poult video by Kermit Blackwood, music by Malachite

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