Resilience for Birds

     Resilience Ranked "Awesome"
The Awesome Foundation

     Even prior to its formal launch, the Boston chapter of The Awesome Foundation recently recognized Resilience for Birds dietary supplement for its novel ingredients and approach targeting bird health (see for grant winners). The innovative blend of essential oils, fatty acids, carotenoid pigments and antioxidant compounds contains anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties designed to boost animal gut health and immune function.
     Particularly during stressful periods, Resilience provides another tool to compliment good husbandry and veterinary care for birds, from backyard or pond poultry to gamefowl to caged pets. With pilot and safety testing completed in more than 30 avian species, Resilience for Birds announces its online availability in March 2018!!

An Ounce of Resilience Is Worth a Pound of Cure.

Restoring Lady Bug the turkey poult with Resilience for Birds by Kermit Blackwood.

Restoring Lady Bug the turkey poult by Kermit Blackwood.

How to Dose a Home Flock of heirloom laying hens

Stirring in some Resilience by Kermit Blackwood with Maggie Clark.

Giving Resilience to Matisse the hen who is doing poorly because of being henpecked, and having mites

Resilience for Matisse by Kermit Blackwood with Desi Grace, Django Grace and Matisse the Hen.

Himalayan Monal by Maggie Harmer.

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Photo credits: Himalayan monal (top) photograph by Maggie Harmer; Turkey Poult video by Kermit Blackwood, music by Malachite
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