Resilience for Birds

Windham Molly

Resilience for Birds

     This Incan Basket pullet (Gallus domesticus inarius) is named Windham Molly. While Molly’s mother was depositing her clutch of eggs in preparation for nesting, she received an all-natural supplement called Resilience for Birds mixed into cooked oatmeal. Every egg hatched and the chicks were very active and healthy. One week later, they too were dosed with Resilience for Birds as a preventative to help them stay rigorous. We continued to use this nutritional supplement once a month for three months and noticed that they did not develop some of the problems that growing chicks that are not kept on medicinal chick starter often do. Molly’s mother never lost a chick and the entire clutch has grown into an unusually vigorous and beautifully plumaged flock with no ailments or development problems. We’ve had the same experience with many hatches and used Resilience for Birds in several different applications as both supplement and preventative in a number of bird species with great results.

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Photo credits: Himalayan monal (top) photograph by Maggie Harmer; Incan Basket Pullet photo by Tino Benson; Turkey Poult video by Kermit Blackwood, music by Malachite
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